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Learn the teachings and secrets of Ninja Smoke Bomb construction from the Kageboushi Clan. This eBook dives into the topic of the fire arts of the ninja. In this guide, you will learn various ways to make smoke bombs and other fire devices. The guide goes into detail and brings the reader the necessary information to construct functional Ninja Impact Smoke Bombs from scratch! All smoke bombs described in this eBook are constructed with household materials that may be already in your home.


This e-guide will show the reader the secret ingredients in simple household products and the potential they carry to help create fully-functional smoke bombs and impact smoke bombs.

The eBook is a comprehensive and well-done e-manual that will help the reader understand ninja chemistry and its many uses. Once constructed, these devices may be used in a variety of ways; one can use them on the field, for attacks or evasions, or to disappear from the enemy's eyes in an instant, with a Ninja Impact Smoke Bomb!



Ninja Impact Smoke Bombs

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