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Welcome to our website. This website is dedicated to everything ninja and ninja related. We have included a page with eBooks that have been authored by us, the Kageboushi Clan. Learn ninja secrets, ninjutsu, the art of the ninja. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best ninja related items such as books, eBooks on ninja smoke, smoke balls, smoke bomb, the best ninja movie, ninja movies, action movies, eBooks, weapons, and other ninja related items. Get the best ninja items online!


Learn the teachings and secrets of Ninja Smoke Bomb construction from the Kageboushi Clan. This eBook dives into the topic of the fire arts of the ninja. In this guide, you will learn various ways to make ninja smoke bombs and other ninja fire devices. The guide goes into detail and brings the reader the necessary information to construct functional Ninja Impact Smoke Bombs from scratch! Ninja smoke bombs described in this eBook are constructed with household materials that may be already in your home. This e-guide will show the reader the secret ingredients in simple household products and the potential they carry to help create a fully-functional smoke bomb and impact smoke bombs. Make a smoke bomb, smoke balls, smoke grenades and more!

The eBook is a comprehensive and well-done e-manual that will help the reader understand ninja chemistry and its many uses. Once constructed, these devices may be used in a variety of ways; one can use them on the field, for attacks or evasions, or to disappear from the enemy's eyes in an instant, with a Ninja Impact Smoke Bomb! 


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Smoke Mist
Smoke Mist
Evil Ninja Kageboushi Clan

Disappear in an instant like a Ninja! 

The Kageboushi Clan will show you the secret world of the Ninja. Become immersed in the ninja ways and become a master at ninjutsu! Learn Ninja Smoke Bomb Making, Smoke Pellets, Smoke Screens, Smoke Balls, and other Smoke Devices. Learn the secret of using a Smoke Bomb to escape your attackers. Use a Ninja Impact Smoke Bomb to disappear in an instant! 

Learn from responsible masters on the ancient art of ninjutsu. Let our eBooks guide you through time and bring you the best of ninja and ninjitsu arts. Here you will become enlightened with the secret world of Japan's ancient spies. 

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These eBooks can be downloaded from anywhere in the world. Just take time to validate your info and the ebooks is yours! 


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“I'm a amazed. I always wondered how this could be done? It was my dream as a kid to make these. Thank you so much Kagebtoushi Clan!”

As a child, I was always amazed by Sho Kosugi, the Ninja! This website brought me back to the good old days of me and my childhood friends dressed up in black and being ninjas!  

“A bunch of forty-something year old's playing with this in my back yard. Brought so many memories of that 80's ninja craze!”

John Richards

Martin Johnston

Tom Marks


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